When Should You Change The HVAC Filter

Maintaining your home and making sure every machine or system in the house runs smoothly and properly is a crucial responsibility. If you fail to take care of one system in particular or another, it may lead to a heavier damage and more expenses. That heavy damage may also cause damage to other parts of your home!

One of the things you should do when maintaining your home is changing the filters in your HVAC systems. Taking care of it every 3 months or so can help you detect and repair small damages early. You get to avoid further damage if you do so.

The Damage Done By Dirty Filters

The main job of air filters is to clean the air of dirty particles and contamination which can clog sensitive machinery and pollute the air. However, failing to clean dirty filters may cause less flow of air which may result in little or no air infiltration. The cooling of the HVAC system may be impacted the most and no cool air will be given out when a filter is dirty.

A dirty filter literally stresses the machinery to work harder and run faster. Since the operations do not go as smoothly as they should, the system tries harder which may lead to the system failing or having to be replaced. A dirty filter which is also exposed to condensation may very likely develop mold because of the dampness. The mold can spread throughout the house and contaminate the air, becoming a health risk for the people living and the likely result of the HVAC system failing completely.

The Types Of Filters

Filters may come in a spun fiberglass form, made of biodegradable paper, fins, etc. All the filter used for and in a HVAC system are replaceable and disposable. It is very important for you to purchase a filter which fits your HVAC system properly. If you fail in doing so, the wrong filter may create problems for you much like a dirty filter.

Should The HVAC System Be Serviced and How Often

Usually, a HVAC system can run smoothly and properly for the whole year without any problems. Provided that you clean the filters every 3 months or so which will help you avoid bigger problems.

Call a professional technician for the servicing of the HVAC system. Unless the owner has appropriate and adequate knowledge and experience in dealing with such problems. It is crucial for the technician to check whether the HVAC system’s coils and blowers are clog and dust free, whether the belts of the system are broken or cracked, whether the ventilation ductwork is broken or gapped or torn.

You should regularly check your HVAC filters and change it for the following reasons:

  • If you have pets. Pet fur or hair circulates the air in your house.
  • If you smoke inside your home
  • A lot of people live inside the house. The more the people the more there will be dust and debris.
  • You have a fireplace
  • You live in an extremely windy place

You should tend to change your filters if they become damp, broken or if there is mold growing on them.

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