Air filter media|rolls and pads

CLEAN also supply non-woven fabric media for air filtration,liquid filtration and other applications.

They are filter media and material,either attached on the air filter frames,or used  directly such as paint arrestor or some other applications.

You can buy our  filter media rolls and cut it to pads yourself,or just ask us to cut for you.

The media of our air filter rolls/pads include fiberglass,polyster and synthetic fiber.Let me introduce them briefly.

The fiberglass filter rolls are mostly used as a kind of paint arrestor/paint stop filter in a spray booth.It is also a high temperature filter material.In in the construction industry,this media is used as insulation filler material installed in a window.Our fiberglass filter rolls are fluffy and the fibers are adjective which make our fiberglass rolls products the best quality in China.

The polester filter media have a much wider application area.It is not used as air filter material but also used in water liquid filtration.It is a member of Needle Punched Nonwoven fabrics.

CLEAN supply high quality filter media to meet your requirements,whether the size,media,thickness,filtration efficiency.So don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Our filter media

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