High temperature filter/heat resistant filter

High temperature air filter is also called heat resistant air filter.They are used in hot environment to resist heat where the temperature is over 270 degrees Celsius.Hubei Clean Environment Protection & Technology Co.,Ltd can manufacture air filters working perfectly in the environment at 270 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius.
Temperature in some places like high temperature paint booth can be very high.If using nomal air filters,they will melt and lose the filtration function.So comes high temperature heat resistnt filter.
High temperature air filters are unique credit to the filter material.Generally,the materials are two kinds:fiberglass fiber and synthetic fiber(oven filter).The fiberglass filters are often desighed in white color,and synthetic air filters yellow.The temperature resistance of fiberglass filters is better than oven filters.Both of them have good ability of heat resistant and flame resistant.They are used in ovens and hot air filtration systems,like automotive baking workshop and dry room,high temp spray booth,chemical plant,Thermal power plant,etc.
We supply high temperature air filters and material media.Fiberglass filter media can be provided in rolls and pads,and oven filter media only pads provided.The regular size is 500×500×20mm.

High temperature fiberglass filter: