High temperature filter/heat resistant filter

The high-temperature filter is also called a heat-resistant air filter. They are used in hot environments where the temperature is over 270 degrees Celsius. Hubei Clean Environment Protection & Technology Co., Ltd can manufacture air filters that work perfectly in the environment from 270 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius.

Temperature in some places like high temperature paint booth can be very high.If using nomal air filters,they will melt and lose the filtration function.So comes high temperature heat resistnt filter.

High-temperature filters are unique credit to the filter material. Generally, the materials are of two kinds: fiberglass fiber and aramid fiber. The fiberglass filters are often designed in white color, and aromatic air filters are yellow. The temperature resistance of fiberglass filters is better. Both of them have good ability of heat resistant and flame resistant. They are used in hot air filtration systems, like automotive baking workshops and dry rooms, high-temperature spray booths, chemical plants, thermal power plants, etc.

We supply high temperature air filters and material media.Fiberglass filter media can be provided in rolls and pads.The regular size is 500×500×20mm.

High-temperature filters have a design of the metal frame and high-temp filter media element. The media include fiberglass, fiberglass paper, and aromatic fiber. When high-temperature filters are manufactured, different media will be chosen according to the different temperature environments they are installed, as well as the different filtration efficiency customers need.

The fiberglass paper filter can work fine constantly at a temperature of 250 and 350 degrees Celsius,depending on the fiberglass paper type.This is also a high temp HEPA filter.

The green-white color fiberglass filter can work fine constantly at a temp of 170 degrees Celsius,and Instantaneous temp at 200 degrees Celsius.The white color fiberglass filter can work fine constanty at a temp 270 degrees Celsius,and Instantaneous temp at 300 degrees Celsius.

The yellow color aramid fiber filter can work fine under 200 degrees Celsius.

Parameters of different high temp filters/media:

Work temperatureInstantaneous temperatureFiltration
Fiberglass paper filters/media250℃/350℃HEPA
Green white fiberglass filters/media170℃200℃Pre
White fiberglass filters/media270℃300℃Pre
Yellow aramid fiberUnder 200℃

High temperature filter

High temperature HEPA filter:

High temp deep pleat HEPA filter

high temperature HEPA filter

High temp pre filter(Flat panel type):

High temp panel filter

high temperature panel filter

High temp aramid fiber panel filter

High temp fiberglass panel filter

High temperature filter media

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