Focus on industrial & commercial air filtration solutions!

Hubei Clean Environment Protection & Technology Co.,Ltd is industrial & commercial air filter factory and supplier located in China.

We are focused on developing the newest technology for improving manufature process of  air filters,aimed at lower the cost and improve quality.

Clean is your trustworthy air filter OEM &ODM factory.Benifit from our technical team,we can supply the satisfying price and reliable quality.Don’t be hesitate to buy air filters in factory direct price from us!

Our air filters are mainly in industrial and commercial use,such as paint booth filters,filters for ventilation system,HVAC filters,HEPA filters,carbon air filters and so on.

We produce air filters customized.Specialized size and filtration class/MERV are all determind to you.Email us and get free samples!

As an air filter manufacturer and supplier, we manufacture a complete range of air filtration products including High Efficiency filters such as HEPA filters, and ULPA filters, Medium Efficiency filters such as V-bank filters, pocket filters, medium panel filters, Low Efficiency filters such as metal mesh filters, Medium-efficiency filter media such as paint booth ceiling filter rolls, Pre-efficiency filter media such as fiberglass exhaust filter rolls, paint booth intake filters, Activated Carbon Filters.

Our air filtration media and air filters are for a variety of applications; our products are widely used in these main industries, but not limited below.

Paint Booth Filtration– Paint booth filters are widely used in automotive, railway, machinery, metal and wood products industries; as a paint booth filter manufacturer, we produce different kinds of paint booth filters for from industrial paint booths to automated paint lines.

Our spray booth filters are including paint booth exhaust filters (fiberglass exhaust filter Rolls) and paint booth intake filters (paint booth ceiling filters). The purpose of any paint booth exhaust Filters is to capture over-spray particles and paint booth intake filters are the primary defense against foreign particles landing on the painting surface.Read here to see why should choose our spray booth filters.

Air Filtration for HVAC systems– HVAC systems can be used in both domestic and commercial environments such as apartments, schools, public buildings, hotels, railway station; we provide HVAC filter solutions including HEPA filters, Pocket filters, Panel filters, V-Bank filters suitable for most air handling units.

Air Filtration for Bio, Medical and Pharmaceutical companies– Air filters especially high-efficiency HEPA filters play very import rule in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biomedical production lines.

Air Filtration for Food and Beverage– Multiple stage air filtration make sure 95% particle removal during Food and beverage production and packaging.

As an air filter manufacturer and supplier, we provide on-time delivery air filters and we are ready for special air filtration requirements, with over 15 years of manufacturing experience and the processing technology we can offer good quality products. If you are looking for a reliable air filters manufacturer in China, we are your best choice.