Pleated cardboard filter

paint booth pleated cardboard ​concertina filter
This spray booth paint arrestor was first developed by Andreae.It is a innovation when people try to find a better way to collect paint at that time.Different from others,the principle of cardboard concertina arrestor use the inertia of pulluted air flow,trapping the over spray contaminants by changing the air flow direction.

There is another paint arrestor which is developed by this principle-paint booth cube filter.We’ll introduce this product later days.
The spray booth cardboard concertina filter is designed specially for crossdraft paint booth,installed in the exhaust wall.It has a larger dust hold capacity than regular  fiberglass filter roll.

Parameters of pleated cardboard filter

Filter effciency:85-98 %
Air velocity: 0.25-1.0 m/s
Initial pressure loss:30 Pa
Final pressure loss:250 Pa
Paint absorption capacity:15-18 kg/m² at resistance of 30 Pa at airspeed 0.75 m/s
Standard size: length=0.75m/0.9m/1m

Main fields of use:

» air treatment
» automobile repair shop
» metal processing
» shipbuilding Industry
» wood and furniture industry
» tanning Industry
» extraction in paint industry

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