Pleated cardboard filter

Pleated cardboard filter, also called cardboard concertina filter,inertial pleated filter, is very common for overspray filtration in all kinds of paint booths/ spray booths.

Due to the appearance,it is also called paint booth concertina filter,concertina filter paper.

Pleated cardboard filter is ideal for receiving any wet and aerosol particles (paints, varnishes, gels, adhesive, silicone, etc ), widely used as the first barrier for overspray collecting, followed by Paint stop filters.

Cardboard concertina filter allow for very easy storage and optimum filtration.It has high paint holding capacity.And it lasts 3-5 times longer than polyester or fiberglass.

Our pleated cardboard filters are made from environmental rigid kraft paper, according to venture effect, we manufacture the paper into V-shaped groove complex structure(concertina type),which is composed of a double layer of pleated cardboard with alternating holes.

The V-shaped front wall prevents overspray bounce back and particle migration
The V-shaped back wall captures overspray and deposits it outside of the airflow
The holes are positioned to maintain a constant airflow.

Thanks to accordions fold, our pleated cardboard filters last 3 to 5 times longer than Paint stop filters, pleated cardboard filters are very easy to install, replace, and storage, which means minimum maintenance costs, as the most economical paint booth exhaust filters on the market, some customers choose these filters as a cheap solution for overspray section.

For your reference, there are pleated cardboard filters with one layer of synthetic filter media in the middle.

We are the proffesional manufacturer and supplier of paint booth concertina filters.Our pleated cardboard filters are with good quality and reasonable price, if you are looking for pleated cardboard filters manufacturer in China, we are your best choice.

Parameters of pleated cardboard filter

Filter effciency:85-98 %
Air velocity: 0.25-1.0 m/s
Initial pressure loss:30 Pa
Final pressure loss:250 Pa
Paint absorption capacity:15-18 kg/m² at resistance of 30 Pa at airspeed 0.75 m/s
Standard size: length=0.75m/0.9m/1m

Main fields of use:

» air treatment
» automobile repair shop
» metal processing
» shipbuilding Industry
» wood and furniture industry
» tanning Industry
» extraction in paint industry

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