Activated carbon filters

What is activated carbon filter?

Activated carbon filter(someone calls activated charcoal filter) here refers to air filters made with activated carbon. There are often 2 types of it: a filter full of carbon pellets and a filter combined with carbon powder. The previous type is more efficient and has a longer use life, often used as filter element for purifier. The latter one on the other hand, is usually used for industrial filtration.

Activated carbon filter is also known as activated charcoal air filter although professionally speaking, these 2 are not exactly the same. Activated carbon is made from wood, coconut shell, coal. But literally activated charcoal seems refer in particular to wood base.

Almost every kind of regular air filters can be manufactured to carbon type,by replacing filter material by activated carbon fabric,which is made by combining regular filter material with carbon powders.

CLEAN is a professional activated carbon filter manufacturer. Our products have a more than 50% percentage of carbon content and a long use life. Products can be customized according to customer needs.

Carbon filter cons and tips you need know:

The activated charcoal air filter has a shortage: Cus the charcoal porous structure can absorb many things including water vapors and particles; it would be a breeding ground for bacteria and give off a sour smell if not replaced at the appropriate time. This would make harm to your health. The powdered carbon type should be replaced more often.

For the carbon pellets type in air purifiers,we suggest you should often take it outdoors and let it be exposed to the sun for 1-2 hours.This will help the water molecules evaporate and dredge porous structure of the carbon.

Our range of activated carbon air filters series includes  standard pleats, panels, pocket types,v-type,rolls and sheets,and carbon filters for air purifiers– all of which are available in our factory.

Activated carbon filter rolls

activated carbon filter roll

Our activated carbon filters are commonly supplied in rolls and can be cut into customized pads you need. There are different thickness and sizes for choice.

Activated filter for air purifier

air purifier carbon filterHome products are often exquisite,so is the carbon filter element in an air purrifier.It is designed to a honeycomb frame full of activated carbon pellets,with a mesh on the surface.It plays a roll in an air purifier to absorb odors,volatile organic compounds,waste and poisonous gases. you can watch our air purrifier filter page to see details.

Activated carbon pleated panel filters

activated carbon panel filtersActivated carbon filters mesh are popular for HVAC appliation when odor control needed,there are two types: pleats type and panels type,pleats type increase filtering areas and for flat panel type,granular activated carbon can be added to increase the adsorption capacity.

The frame of pleats type activated filters mesh can be galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, and paperboard frame.

The galvanized and aluminum alloy frame can ensure the durability of the activated filters mesh inner activated carbon panel can be replaced, so these types are recycled.

The paperboard frame activated carbon filters mesh are the most economical types, it cannot be used recycled.

The frame of panel type activated filters mesh can be galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame.

Both types of activated filters mesh can remove and eliminate the unpleasant odors, chemical gases, and other harmful gases.

Activated carbon pocket filters

activated carbon pocket bag filterActivated carbon pocket filters are suitable for office buildings, airports, hospitals and other air-conditioning ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality.

Our line of carbon air filters is designed to remove all unpleasant odors from incoming air,as an professional carbon filter media factory,we have many years to produce different kinds of carbon filter series products,

No matter what you need, if you are looking for a reliable activated carbon filter supplier in China, we are your best choice.

charcoal filter media roll

Parameters of activated carbon filter media
Filter material: polyester media and granular activated carbon
Carbon content:more than 50%
Benzene adsorption:more than 20wt%
Standard sizes: 1x20m,1.2x20m

Main fields of use:

» Industrial Plant Offices and Labratories
» Office and Retail Buildings
» Airports
» Museums

pocket carbon filter

Parameters of activated carbon filters mesh:

Filter material:  polyester media and granular activated carbon
Frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, paperboard frame
Standard size: 595x595x46mm,595x495x46mm

Main fields of use:

» Industrial Plant Offices and Labratories
» Office and Retail Buildings
» Airports
» Museums

charcoal pocket filter

Parameters of activated carbon pocket filters:

Filter material:polyester media and granular activated carbon
Frame material: galvanized, aluminum alloy
Filter size:592x592x600mm

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