V-bank filters

v bank filter

V-bank filters, also called v-cell filters, or rigid pocket filters, are the most important part of clean room ventilation systems when the filtration level is 100 or 10.

V-bank filters are pre-filters before HEPA filters, the role and function are the same as pocket filters, but v-bank filters offer more stable performance.

The ‘V’ design provides significantly more surface area than pocket filters, reducing the overall pressure drop in the system and extending HEPA filters life.

To enlarge the service life of HEPA filters, V-bank filters need to remove most of the 0.5um particles with an efficiency of 75-99%.

Normally, the v-bank filters are made of ABS plastic frame, mini pleated glass fiber or pp pack, and hot melt glue as the separator, they are manufactured in a doubleheader frame and are relatively lightweight when compared to the overall capacity of the products.

As a HVAC filter manufacturer, we manufacture and design different v bank filters based on customers detailed requirements. We know that suitable and good quality air filters would save your money and time,no matter what you needed,our air filters will be satisfied.

v-bank filter

Parameters of v bank filters products:

Filter material:  polyester or glass fibre
Filter classes: F8,H10
Frame material: ABS plastic frame
Frame color:blue or black
Standard size:592X592X292mm

Main fields of use:

» health care
» Turbines

Various Standard Frame Sizes  are available.

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