Paint-stop filter

paint stop filterPaint-stop filter(paint arrestor) is suitable for overspray filtration in spray paint booths, it is an economical filter to catch paint overspray in the finishing/coating industry.

It is consist of non-flammable long glass fiber, which density progressively increases in the direction of the airflow and has an open weave pattern, thanks to the open weave glass fiber structure, the paint particles can be absorbed deeply into the outlet side surface.

Reliable Paint-stop Filter Manufacturer and Supplier

We are the best quailty paint arrestor manufacturer and supplier.Thanks to the imported paint arrestor production equipment,we are more competitive at the price and quality than other manufacturers in China.At the year of 2017, we enlarged our warehouse and we are adding a new production line to enlarge our production capability to satisfy more and more customers.  These make us become the most competitive manufacturer and wholesaler for Paint stop filter.

No matter customized mats or standard rolls,if you are looking for a reliable Paint-stop filter partner in China, we are your best choice.

Choose Hubei Clean for High-Quality Paint-Stop Filters

We understand that product quality and safety are the topmost priorities in the equipment industry. With Hubei Clean, you are assured of getting the highest levels of reliability and performance. Besides, our competitive prices give you the best value for money.

By providing filtration that meets the requirements of your application, our fiberglass paint arrestor roll protects the equipment and maintains optimal operating performance.

paint booth fiberglass filter

Parameters of Paint Stop Filter

Filter type:  rolls or pads
Filter media: Fibreglass.(glassfiber impregnated with oil)
Filter classes: G2, G3, G4
Filter thickness:50mm,60mm,70mm,100mm
Filter color: colored on the inlet side
Efficiency: 65 – 98 %
Standard sizes: 1x20m,2x20m

Main fields of use:

» paint industry
» surface treatment
» automotive industry
» mechanical engineering
» wood and furniture industry
» plastics industry
» extraction in paint industry

Filter mats are available in rolls as well as in customised sizes, as required.

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