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The original purpose of HVAC filters was to increase the longevity and efficiency of the system from clogged with dust and airborne particles, nowadays, HVAC filters are for air filtration solutions used to improve air quality.

Different HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) systems have different designs.In commercial HVAC systems the filters installed have mor types and quantities,campared to the system in home.

In USA we learned that family uses a furnace to supply hot air in home HVAC system in winter.The furnace filters are then installed to filter the hot air.But in other countries conditions are different.Like our country,there will be no HVAC system pre installed in apartments,and we have to solve by ourselves.Air conditioners are the best choices for most families in China and most have no ventilation systems.

In a commercial HVAC system installed in buildings,there always need an unit play a roll of pre filtration(like AHU or FAHU) as early as the air come in.At the air outlet and return outlet some simple filters are also installed.

For a more advanced HVAC system where need the highest quality air like clean room,terminal HEPA box housing or FFU should be installed at the outlet final side,to supply high standard quality air.

The HVAC filters scope, from the leading HVAC filter manufacturer is broad, from regular air filters to HEPA air filters, with much production experience in air filter manufacturing, we supply high-quality HVAC filters all over the world.

Below is a list of our HVAC Filtration products:

AHU filters:

pocket air filter

Furnace filters:

HVAC panel pleated filter
reusable furnace filter

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