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Hubei Clean Environment Protection & Technology Co., Ltd is an air purifier filter manufacturer that manufactures and supplies true HEPA filters and carbon filters for all kinds of air purifiers, in different sizes and with high filtration efficiency. We are air filters oem for different air purifiers, meeting the requirements of various customers.

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As a HEPA filter manufacturer,we are focused on the health of you all the time.When the epidemic started,the air in your home become more important,for help avoiding you and your family from the Covid19.Since the year 2019,there comes a huge increase of purchasing for air purifier,and at the same time a great demand of affordble HEPA filter replacement.The most often asked question on google is how much does HEPA filter replacement for air purifier cost,and the low cost for them.We are the one to supply low cost HEPA filter replacement,and satisfying filtration rate at the same time.

The most expensive part of a air purifier usually is the HEPA filters and carbon filters in it.And the end consumers complains when they find they have to spend a lot to replace them.If the air purrifier makers didn’t find a good HEPA filter supplier,it would highly increase Ex-factory price,as also as retail price.This really harms your brand and is the bigest disadvantage.

Air purifier HEPA replacement is aslo a large business area.When typing word “air purifier replacement filter”,You can find many seller in amazon supply such as filters compatible for Levoit,Winix,Philips,Dyson and so on.If sellers in amazon and ebay has a good supplier,it also will make their sales take advantage of others.

How to manufacture an air purifier?What’s the structure of an air purifier?

The structure of an air purifier is simple indeed.The components of an air purifier includes air filter elements,fans and motors,maybe an electronic display,and a housing outside.So what’s the core part?It’s the air filters with no doubt.It’s the air filters make an purifier functions.

How to choose air purifiers on the market?Which is the best to buy?Air purifiers mostly differ from the size,fans and air filters within.The first thing to consider is the filtration efficiency of air purifiers.They often have several layers of HEPA filters,coarse filters,carbon filters or combinations.This lead to different air filtration efficiency,and also diffenrent purchase and replace cost.Fans determin intake airflow volume.Powerful fans will have a larger volume but often make a louder noise.This is the second consideration.The final thing may be the convenience to use,such as amounts of air volume gear.

We are a professional air purifier filter manufacturer having more than 15 years of experience in China, and will be your best choice and supplier for air purifier replacement filters, both HEPA and activated carbon filters. Choosing the right supplier matters with your business development. We are exactly the one meeting your needs.

Different design for different air purifiers.

There are kinds of design for air purrifier.​Every brand want their purifiers have a unique design,and then just throw the design to their oem factories.It seems that this unique is what the brands concern most,rather than the best.We must admin some brands really have a technical and useful design,like the Dyson air purrifier,which have a similar tower fan design like their hair dryer and make it has a comfortable air blow.But we think the most of other brands don’t catch the most important point.

For example,some air purrifier brands have an 8 filters design on four sides-4 pre and 4 HEPA filters.This seems not designed for home air purrification.The amount of HEPA makes the replacement of filters a too expensive work for regular family.At the same time, the size and the fan in the purrifier make it not suitalble for commercial use.

Different types of air filter elements in air purifiers:

There are often 3 types of air filter elements appearance for purrifiers nowdays.They are the panel,the cylinder cartridge,and the tower.

  • The panel type:This filter type refers to filter element in air purrifiers are all panel type.And they are installed one by one-the pre,the carbon and the final filter(may be not true HEPA and applicable for the other 2 type,though sounds funny).Some purrifiers have a final filter combined with carbon filter on the opposite side.

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  • The cylinder cartridge type:This is like a filter which is installed in Xiaomi purrifier.This filters often have a high air flow volume and lower pressure drop than the pannel ones,but also more expensive.Their carbon filter is always together with the final,at inside.

air purifier filter

  • The tower type:This type is rare indeed.We can only find one brand which called AirProce.The filters are designed like panel type,but they are installed from bottom to top.The fan is at the middle layer and the air flow is also from bottom to top,across all the filters.

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