Translusent glass fiber thermal insulation

This transparent thermal insulation material is a kind of glass fiber, which is used as an insert in building insulated glass panels.

Features of our translucent thermal insulation material:

  • Fluffy and translucent.This makes the light diffuse great,go through and transfer glare to soft light.
  • Thermal insulated.Originally,one physical property of glass fiber material is heat insulation which makes it widely used in thermal insulation industry like pipe insulation.At the same time,our special processed transparent thermal insulation glass fiber can diffuse sun light,makes insulation ability greater.
  • flame retardant.
  • High temperature tolerance.We designed 2 kinds of thermal insulation filters,which can work well constantly in temperature up to 170 and 240 degree Celsius.
  • Light weight.This feature makes it easy to insert into widows and reduce load weight.
  • Affordable.We are manufacturer from China,which makes our products more competitive on price.

Products parameters:

Work temperatureHighest temperatureThicknessConstructure
Thermal insulation 170 degree Celsius200 degree Celsius50mm/100mm and c ustom sizemore fluffy
Thermal insulation plus240 degree Celsius300 degree Celsius500mm/10mm and custom sizemore smoothy surface

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This high temperature material can also be used as air filter media for high temperature environment.

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