Reusable HVAC filters

Nowadays ,people are getting more and more tired of the traditional disposable HVAC filters on the market.These filters can only be one time use which means people have to throw them away and buy a new one when get dirty.Apparently it can make benefits to the sellers but opposite to the buyers.It would waste your money and not environmental as well.

In contrast,by using a new designed and reusable HVAC filter is a better choice.

Our wonderful reusable HVAC filters have a rigid frame which can be reusable.Buy our reusable HVAC filters and just replace the media to save your money.

reusable HVAC & furnace filter

Reusable HVAC filters’ benefits and pros:

  • Reusable.Though we haven’t make the filter media reusable,but a reusable frame is much better than the regular ones.A washable filter media has some disadvantages such as it can’t be designed too high efficiency and after washing its structure would be broken,and that’s the reason why we don’t adopt it.
  • Saving money and cost efficiency:Only a little higher price than the disposable ones when initial buying,but will become cheaper just after replacing the media twice.Homeowners and businesses can save money by just replace cheap filter media rather than have to purchase new whole filters every few months.
  • Eco-firendly . The frame is reusable means less waste would be created.
  • Much less transport cost.The filter media can be put together,apart from the frame.This makes the size small,only 1/3 to 1/4 of the traditional HVAC filters.
  • Easy to install. Our design make these reusable filters easy to be assembled and easy to use.You can check videos below to see the using instruction.
  • Widely use.These reusable HVAC filters can be used in applications the same as the traditional ones.

Reusable HVAC filters applications:

  • Home ventilation system and furnace
  • Buildings
  • Office
  • Subway
  • Airport
  • High speed railway
  • Others