Dust collector cartridge filter

We manufacture air filters including, dust collector filter cartridges. Tell us the specific size and other parameters, or tell us the band of cartridge dust collector you are using, and we will manufacture the exact cartridge replacements for you.

cylindrical air filter

Structure of dust collector filter cartridge:

For industries need handling heavy dusty air,cartridge dust collectors become more and more popular.The dust cartridge element is a cylinder shaped filter,with pleated filter media that can capture dust air.Pleated media cylindrical structure provides a much larger surface area than bag filter to capature dust,about twice to triple times.At the inner and outer surface,there will be rustproof metal mesh to protect and support filter media in it.Another support structure is using several bands to replace the outer metal mesh.Then there should be a top cap and bottom cap.The top cap need fixing bolts and seamless gasket to ensure airtight sealing.Dirty air go through in the collector,the tiny dust will go throuth the cartridge filter from out surface by brownian motion,and clean air out from the top cap.

Filter media of dust cartridge filter element:wood pulp fiber,polyester,and other fabrics.The media can be treated with waterproof,oil-proof,anti-static,to adapt to different environments and applications.

Advantages of dust collector filter cartridge:

1.Large filtration surface.The pleated media make cartridge filter have twice-triple filtration surface than bag filter.
2.High dirt holding capacity.Also because of the pleated structure, dust collector cartridge can hold more dust particles before need cleaning.
3.Reduce the air-to-cloth ratio,support much larger air flow volume at the same size.
4. Can have much less quantity than bag filters in one dust collector.This makes cartridge type collector smaller than bag style.

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