Panel filter

Hubei Clean Environment is the professional  panel filter manufacturer and supplier.

There are 2 kinds of panel filters-the pleated panel and flat type.The flat type is often used as one of furnance filters,and the pleated type is more widely used.

The price of a panel filter is cheap enough so that you can throw it away when dirty.So it is also called a disposable air filter or throw-away filter.

A panel filter is composed of a frame and air filter media attached on it.The frame is made of metal(mostly alumunum alloy),paper(cardboard),or metal wire.So you can call it metal frame panel filters,paper frame panel filter.The filter media can be made into pleated type or flat type,and manufactured from fibergalss or synthetic fiber.Sometimes customers may ask us to add some activated carbon powder to the material.

Panel filters are often used as a pre filter in kinds of HVAC system,including:

  • Furnance filter
  • AHU pre filter
  • Other HVAC system as a pre filter

We manufacture G1,G2,G3,G4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9 panel filters in EU standard EN 799,and MERV 1~16 panel filters in US ASHRAE standard.The size can be customized.

Aluminum frame pleated panel filtermetal panel filter

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