Fan filter unit

What is a fan filter unit,and what is it used for?

A fan filter unit can be regarde as a intergreted air filtration equipment,which is widely used in clean room filtration system.Combination of a fan,a moto
r,air filters and a control unit make the FFU become an independent air filtration device,not only can be used alonely,but also be used at scale.

Fan filter units are installed at the ceiling, as clean air flow diffusers for clean rooms. They can make the clean room stay at a positive static pressure status. As a laminar flow diffuser, the FFU pushes the air from ceiling to floor unidirectionally. This is the most efficient mode for modern cleanrooms to quickly clean the air, by squeezing down the original air to return air grilles. Being a top fan filter unit manufacturer, we always strive to provide you with the highest quality.

The advantages of FFU and why you should use it:

1.Flexible.Cus FFU is an independent air filtration device with fan and motor,there is no place area restriction for where it is installed.You can not only install FFU at a clean room ceiling,but also use it alone at any area you need.
2.Short clean room building period.Installing fan filter units cost less time than building air ducts
3.Save space.
4.High efficiency,easy control and maintenance.
5.Supply static air pressure

Seal method of FFU HEPA filter:the regular seal and gel seal type

  • FFU HEPA filter gel seal

    FFU HEPA filter
  • FFU HEPA filter regular seal

    mini pleat HEPA filter

Parameters of FFU:

material of FFU boxstainless steel plate/aluminum alloy plate/galvanized sheet/spary plate
filtration classEPA/HEPA/ULPA
control unit5 gears,can also be made promise gear.Remote control.
air flow speed0-0.6m/s​

FFU applications:

  • Hospital operating room
  • Pharmaceutical factory
  • Laboratory
  • Food processing
  • Beverage processing
  • Microelectronics
  • Chip factory

Fan filter unit components:

  • Container box.Supply a sealed house for other components.
    Air Filters.A FFU has 2 filters-pre filter and HEPA filter.The pre filter is at the top ceiling-side,and the HEPA filter room-side.The pre filter is a protection for both the HEPA filter and the motor.
  • Deflector.As airflow equalization device, built into the box around the lower part of the fan.
  • Fan.External rotor fan
  • Motor.AC alternating current
  • Air duct connection.Can be a choice when there is no plenum above.
    Control unit.To adjust the airflow speed
  • Metal protective net.

Fan filter unit China

CLEAN is a reputable high-quality room-side replaceable fan filter unit manufacturer in China. This kind of FFU is easy to install and convenient to replace the HEPA filter room-side. We also manufacture HEPA filter replacements for any brand FFU. You can save money by buying directly from us.

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