AHU filters

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AHU,which means air ​handling unit,is a part of your HVAC system used in industrial and commercial areas.It is generally put out of the room,and is the front part of a HVAC system.It is combined of a series of boxes,in which there should be blower/fan,heating and cooling element,humidifier,vibration isolator,air filters and other parts.

air handling unit

One AHU normally has a series of filters in it.AHU filters capture the dust from the intake air outdoor,to gurantee the inlet air clean.There are 3 types of filters from front to end according to their filtration efficiency:AHU pre filters,medium filters and HEPA filters.Pre filters are typically panel pleated filters,which are cheap and protect the filters after.Then comes the AHU medium filters,which is typically bag/pocket filters.The last one is AHU HEPA filters or ULPA filters.

You should replace AHU filters when they are dirty enough. Filters filled with dust will lead to filters higher pressure drop, slowing down the airflow rate, making the fans work harder, lowering the filtration efficiency, and increasing your electricity cost. It is easy to change AHU filters. You can replace them yourself, or just call the AHU filter supplier or filter maintenance company to help you.

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