Need we replace our air purifier filters on time and how often

In this article CLEAN will introduce why should we replace our air purifier filters on time,and how often should we replace the filters. Why need to replace our air purifier filters on time?What will happen if we never replace them?   Replacing air purifier filters on time is important for maintaining efficiency, improving air quality, […]

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Air filter classification​-filter grade and rating introduction

mini pleat HEPA filter

How do I know my HEPA Filter is Dirty?

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Why it is Important to Replace Your Air Filters?

Allergens from the air may include dust, pollen, dirt, mold spores, bacteria, and other contaminants that can be hazardous for the environment and public health. It affects indoor and outdoor air quality, which may lead to various reactions from allergic to something life-threatening. There is only one way to overcome this problem and that is […]

Guide to Paint booth Filter: Why it Matters, Key Components and How to Choose

Paint booth filters play a crucial role in keeping the environment free of hazardous fumes and contaminants. It is designed to manage paint booth operations, suitable for automotive, machinery, metal, and wood producing industries. It keeps the air filtration system at maximum capacity, which means it is a great solution to remove toxic fumes and […]

Does hepa filter really help with Covid?

Since the epidemic,we have read too many articles about this question.So do hepa filters really help with Covid? As an air filter supplier,we can tell you the thuth:Although hepa filter can capture and remove most particles the size of Coivd virus,but the problem is,how you can make the air in your house all pass through […]

Purchase of HEPA filters used in sugical masks increased during Covid-2019.

HEPA filters are never mentioned as frequently as this year,due to the increase demand of masks and N95 respirator  during Coronavirus pandemic. Formerly,HEPA filters are mostly used for industry,and you can find details at the main menu item “industry application for air filter” At the begining of Covid-2019,volunteers sew mask for hospitals.But a cotton mask […]