How paint booth filters work in paint rooms?

There are three kinds of common paint booth filters ,which are intake filters rolls , ceiling filters, fiberglass filters ,they are used to filter 1-10 micron suspended particulate dust in air. 1.Intake filter rolls are the first stage air filter which mainly filters the larger dust in the air; 2.Ceiling filters are the second filtration,which […]

When is a best time to replace spray booth filters?

When is a best time to replace spray booth filters media? There are two kinds of filters in spry booths, which are intake filters and exhaust filters.Most intake filters are located in the ceilings (ceiling filters) or panels(pre filter or pre filter bags) to prevent dirt or particles from the air to the chamber. Exhaust filters […]

How to choose good quality paint stop filters?

How to choose good quality paint stop filters? The quality of paint stop filters influences filtration efficiency and usage of life. How to choose good quality paint stop filters would be a little difficult for some people. Normally, the raw materials directly affect the quality of finished filter media, the fiberglass fiber from high-quality raw […]

Where To Buy HVAC Filters?

HVAC stands for heat, ventilation and air conditioning. Three types of common HVAC systems exist the central AC system, the packaged heating, and air conditioning system, the split, and window AC. All of them have different properties and come in various shapes and sizes. The most important component of an HVAC system is the air […]

How To Change HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system will have a ‘return air intake’ from where the air is sucked and cool air is given out instead. The filters are inserted through that area. Usually when your air filters tend to get clogged and dirty, the ‘return air intake’ gets tarry and black. It signifies that the air filter is […]

How To Install an HVAC Filter

Air filters are one of the most important components of HVAC systems. Installing an HVAC air filter may seem easy but it has many people confused when they actually get to installing it. When installing HVAC air filter it is not just ‘take out the old one and put the new one inside in its […]

How To Choose The Right HVAC Filter

Choosing the right HVAC filter is very important. It can determine how clean the air will be and how smoothly the HVAC system will run. These air filters help in trapping dust, dirt, hair and other kinds of air contamination and help provide the cleanest and cool air. You need to replace or wash your […]

What Type And Size Of HVAC Filter Should I Use

Ever wondered how your HVAC systems or air conditioners can give such cool and clean air? Well, all thanks to the air filters in them! These air filters help prevent contamination in the air and dirt and dust from passing through the cool air. Air filters, in short, help purify the air to an extent. […]

When Should You Change The HVAC Filter

Maintaining your home and making sure every machine or system in the house runs smoothly and properly is a crucial responsibility. If you fail to take care of one system in particular or another, it may lead to a heavier damage and more expenses. That heavy damage may also cause damage to other parts of […]

What Does A HVAC Filter Look Like? What Does A HVAC Filter Do?

What Is A HVAC? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is an all-in-one system which heats and cools your home, has air filters, air returns and a heating and cooling unit. There exist many types and sizes of HVACs, all depending on your home and the kind or size you want. Mainly, […]