What Type And Size Of HVAC Filter Should I Use

Ever wondered how your HVAC systems or air conditioners can give such cool and clean air? Well, all thanks to the air filters in them! These air filters help prevent contamination in the air and dirt and dust from passing through the cool air. Air filters, in short, help purify the air to an extent. If you want 100% clean air with no dust, dirt or hair of any type, you will , of course, have to buy a filter made of higher quality. It will be more expensive but very worth it.

Here are a few types of HVAC filters which you can choose from and keep in mind when buying HVAC filters:

  • Fiberglass Air Filters

These filters are cheap, inexpensive and disposable. Fiberglass air filter is the most common type of filter used for HVAC systems. Strands of fiberglass are spun together and help in trapping large dust motes or dirt particles. This type of filter is thought to be more fit in protecting the air conditioning machine rather than purifying the air. It does not properly screen out the dust and dirt or the hair, which is why it is not that effective of an air purifier.

  • Pleated Filters

Made out of polyester or cotton, these filters are more effective than fibreglass air filters. They trap not only dust and dirt, but also hair or pet dander. Pleated filters are the choice for you if you care more about purifying the air. Pleated filters do, however, stress the machine to work harder. You can choose a pleated filter with more pleats to effectively purify the air. You can choose between a washable or disposable type.

  • Electrostatic Filters

These filters are better than both fiberglass air filters and pleated air filters. Electrostatic filters are made out of paper fibers and they generate a static charge. This static charge helps attract even the smallest and tiniest of dust and dirt particles like a magnet. They come in washable and disposable types. These filters are very expensive but also very effective in purifying the air.

What Size Of HVAC Filter To Choose?

Each and every HVAC filter has a different size. In order to determine the size of the HVAC filters you need, all you have to do is check the current filters which you have. There will be a set of numbers present on the outer side of the filter. It may look something like 20”× 20”× 1”. The size of the air filter will always be present in three numbers. The first number represents the length, the second number represents the width and the third number represents the thickness.

You can take your existing air filter to a place where filters are sold and they can help you out. One of them is Kunshan CRAC Clean Technology Co Ltd. This company specifically specialises in making HVAC systems and filters. You can get various sizes and types of HVAC filters and the staff can help you out as well.

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