Paint booth filters are air filters including exhaust air filters and intake air filters, designed specifically for paint booth operations, which provide perfect spraying environment and are the key to quality paint jobs and healthy workshops.

Paint booth filters are widely used in automotive, railway, machinery, metal and wood production industries for spray applications.

As a manufacturer,cleantech choose best raw materials and offers utmost quality paint booth filters to our customers at leading market prices.

Our paint booth filters divide into , the detailed products are including but not limit below.

1.Fiberglass filters,exclusively designed to collect paint overspray, are the best and most common exhaust air filters for paint Booths.
2.Papercard pleated filters,
3.Ceiling filters F5,
4.Intake filters rolls,
5.Pre filter bags,

Cleantech also provide customized service to that meet or exceed the satisfaction.

1.Available in pads and rolls
2.Wide variety of widths and lengths available
3.Rapidly delivery and flexible payment terms
4.Strict quality control during and after production

Below is a list of our paint booth filters categories: