Paint booth filters

paint booth filter

Paint booth filters, designed specifically for paint booth operations, are widely used in automotive, machinery, metal, and wood-producing industries.

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Providing a perfect spraying environment is the key to quality paint jobs and healthy workshops, paint booth filters are more and more population in industrial spray applications.

What filters are used in a paint booth?

Paint booth filters can be simply considered as paint booth intake filters and paint booth exhaust filters. They are installed for air inlet and exhaust filtration. When spraying an automotive car or something else, dust and paint particulates need to be filtered to guarantee paint processing quality and personal protection.

Besides,paint arrestor/paint stop filter is also needed to collect paint overspray.This is normally be classified as a exhaust filters.

  • Paint booth intake filters:
    Simply include pre filters,pocket filters,ceiling filters.
  • Paint booth exhaust/extraction filters:paint arrestors,carbon filters
  • Paint arrestors:
    There are many types of paint arrestors,each of which has its pros and cons and it’s determined by you to select which one is the most suitable.The design of your paint booth also determins paint stop filter selecting.
    Paint booths mainly include cross-draft and downdraft types(of course you can continue to subdivide)depending on the direction of air flow.The down-draft paint booths have paint arrestors placed on the floor,usually using fiberglass rolls.The cross-draft paint booths,on the other hand,have paint arrestors placed on the exhaust wall.Cus there are different designs of paint booth exhaust walls,you will have different choices for arrestors.
  1. paint booth cube filter:
  2. paint pocket:
  3. fiberglass rolls

Paint booth intake filters

Paint booth intake filters used for filtration of inlet air from out.Mainly include primary pocket bag filter and overhead pads installed on the ceiling.

Paint booth exhaust filters/Paint arrestors

Paint arrestors,also known as paint stop filters,piant booth collectors.These filters can be regarded as paint exhaust filters,but their main function is stop and collect the overspray paints.We supply kinds of paint arrestors including fiberglass roll,paint booth cube filter and pockets.