Mini pleat HEPA filteres

Air filters which meet the HEPA standard are used in many applications which include clean rooms, medical environments, manufacturing facilities, vehicles and homes.

Mini pleat HEPA filters are one kind of HEPA filters, which efficiency reach to 99.99% to 99.999%, are used for cleanroom HVAC system final filtration,

Mini pleat HEPA filters are made of waterproof pleated glass fiber media with an aluminum alloy frame, are designed to maximize the filter area.

As a mini pleat HEPA filter manufacturer, we test glass fiber media to make sure the airflow rate and pressure drop requirement firstly, then we test finished products to make sure the efficiency.

Our mini pleat HEPA filters thickness can reach to 150mm which can replace 150mm separate HEPA filters.

Parameters of mini pleat HEPA filters:

Filter material:  glass fibre
Filter classes: H10~H14
Framematerial: aluminum alloy
Efficiency:  99.99% to 99.999%

Main fields of use:

» micron electronics
» pharmaceutical, hospital
» mechanical engineering
» the replacement for fan filter unit and air HEPA ceiling modules
» painting spray

Customized sizes are available.


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