Coarse filter

paint booth intake filter

The coarse filter is a synthetic filter media made of 100% synthetic fibers, which are thermally bonded, widely used in paint booth applications as the first filtration and to prevent the incoming 10um particles from paint booths.

It is always located in the air inlet side of the fan.
Different dimension and filter classes can suit different applications.

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paint booth intake filter

Parameters of coarse filter:

Filter material:synthetic fiber
Filter classes:G2, G3, G4
Filter color:blue and white
Filter thickness: 5m,10mm,15mm,20mm
Standard sizes:1x20m,2x20m

Main fields of use:

» paint industry
» surface treatment
» automotive industry
» mechanical engineering
» wood and furniture industry
» plastics industry
» extraction in paint industry

Filter media are available in rolls as well as in customised sizes, as required.

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