Ceiling filter

paint booth ceiling filter

Ceiling filter also refer to ceiling diffusion media, is designed to be used in paint spray booths that have a ceiling plenum as final filtration to prevent all paint damaging particles from the intake air stream, it is always placed on the roof of the booth.

In our factory, ceiling filter is made of 100% high-performance synthetic fibers,which make sure low press drop and high dust holding capacity.
The length can reach 2.4m and silkscreening service is provided.

If you are looking for a high-quality ceiling filter manufacturer in China,we are your best choice.

paint booth ceiling filter

Parameters of ceiling filter:

Filter material: polyester fibers
Filter backing: fabric cloth/net backing
Filter classes: F5/EU5
Filter color: white
Air Velocity: 0.25m/s
Initial pressure drop:25pa,30pa
Final pressure drop:450pa
Rated air flow:900m3/h
Filter thickness:22mm,25mm
Standard sizes: 1x20m,2x21m,1.6x21m,1.6*14m

Main fields of use:

» paint industry
» automotive industry
» mechanical engineering
» wood and furniture industry
» plastics industry
» extraction in paint industry

Filter mats are available in rolls as well as in customised sizes, as required.

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