Fiberglass filters/rolls and pads

Fiberglass filters are ​applicated in many filtration system.
Though it may not be the best filter type,fiberglass filter is still the most suitable filter for that application occasions,for example,be used as paint booth filters settled on the ground.

What is fiberglass filter?And how is fiberglass filter manufactured:
As the name says,fiberglass filters are made from long glass fiber which are made of pyrophyllite, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, boronite, and boronite as raw materials through high-temperature melting, drawing, winding, weaving and other processes.Clean.,Ltd use glass bead to manufacture it.We have excellent machine imported to keep the temperature constant,so that the quliaty of our fiberglass filters are great and has long use life.

fiberglass filter

We manufacture high quality fiberglass filters.

High quality fiberglass filter is really a good choice.As for fiberglass filters,they have of course different qualities due to different raw materials and processing crafts.High quality fiber glass filter means a longer use time,a larger dust holding capacity,a higher filting rate,a longer store time before using,and a better rebound rate.
High quality fiberglass filter can also save your cost through a lower purchase frequency and less freight,though its initial price is usually a little higher.
Clean manufacture high quality fiberglass filters,also supply fiberglass filter rolls or pads.

What’s the advantage of fiberglass filter?

①Good insulation, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength.
②Cheap prices,low cost,save money.
③Large air flow.That can let your fans work smoothly and not so much electricity
④strong heat resistance.That make fiberglass filters widely used in high temperature environment.

Fiberglass filters application,what’s fiberglass filter used for?
①Furnace filters.Fiberglass filters are put in your furnace to protect the furnace system components from debris.

furnace fiberglass filter
②Paint booth filters.Fiberglass paint arrestors,aslo named as paint stop filters,are the most popular choice for paint booth exhaust system.We can supply fiberglass paint arrestor rolls and pads,as custom sizes.

fiberglass paint arrestor pads

Translucent thermal insulation pads inserted in building glass units.This high temperature and heat insulation pads can be inserted in building windows.

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