Cleanroom filters

Cleanroom filters are the core part of a cleanroom air filtration system.​They are installed in cleanroom equipment and should be replaced following the expert’s advice.

We supply ULPA and HEPA filters replacements for clean rooms calssified from 100000 to 100.Also we manufacture and supply cleanroom FFU and AHU.

The function of air filters in cleanrooms:Air filters are the heart components in cleanroom air filtration.All air goes through the air filters in cleanrooms.Dusts,bacterials,airborne particles,chemical vapors,and other contaminants are then removed.The air filter efficiency determin your cleanroom class.So when air filters are dirty or malfunct,they should be replaced immediately to guarantee your cleanroom work properly.You should ask an expert to make a plan,do regular inspection and maintenance work.

Clean., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom filters in China. We supply pre-filters, HEPA filters and ULPA filters, FFU(fan filter unit), and AHU(air handling unit). All cleanroom filter specifications are customized depending on your request.

  • Cleanroom HEPA filters replacement:This is the HEPA filter with a frame,which is installed in your cleanroom FFU equipment.

FFU HEPA filter

  • Cleanroom FFU(fan filter unit):This equipments are always installed on the ceilings of your cleanrooms as part of negative pressure plenum.With fans in it,FFU can absorb the air under it.

fan filter unit

  • Other type direct contact us