Air filter cartridge

We manufacture high quality cartridge air filter elements.Tell us specific size and other parameters,or tell the band of cartridge filters you are using,we will manufacture the exact cartridge replacements for you.

What industries need air filter cartridge filter?
Air filter cartridge really have a huge range of application areas.Below we list some industries mostly used in:
1.Air filter cartridge installed in dust collecters.There are kinds of air filters used in dust collection industry.The mostly commonly used filters include bag filter and dust filter cartridge.
2.Powder coating booth filter.Many powder booths have cartridge filters pre installed.Extra powder particles suspended in air can be extracted through cartridge filters.
3.Vaccum cleaner cartridge filter.It’s bagless vaccum cleaner usually use this.
4.Engine filter
5.Air compressor filter
6.Clindrical filter cartridge for gas turbine inlet housing

What’s air filter cartridge mean?What structure it has?And how it works?

cylindrical filter constructure
An air filter cartridge refers to air filters having cylindrical or cone shape.It’s main structure including cartridge core,end cap,sealing ring,seperate bands and filter media attached on the core.Although cartridge filters have these basic components,they are still designed differently,due to different brands and applications.Some cartridges are designed double open end(DOE),that means there are no end caps.Some are single open end(SOE) meaning one end of these cartridges are blocked by a end cap but the other end open.The end cap of some are made of square metal and so they are called square end cap filter cartridge.But some may design to knob style.Some cartridges have metal mesh at the outer side to protect filter media.
The media of a cartridge filter is pleated to increase filter surface.There are several bands tied around to keep the pleats seperate when the air flow go through.The air flow direction of cartridge is outside to inside:With the fan,polluted air go into cartridge house,then from outside of a cartridge,filtered through filter media and into the cartridge.Finally clean air will go out through one end of cartridge filter.Contaminants and dust partcles are traped at outer surface of cartridge.When worked for a period,we must clean our cartridge,or replace with a new one.There are pulse jet cartridge filter that can self clean,so that you don’t have to clean it manually.

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