Application of air filters in the automobile industry

In the automobile manufacturing line, the painting line is a very important part, which will directly affect automobile manufacturing quality. In order to meet the quality of paint coating on the automobile body surface, air filters are very important for an automobile painting line( workshop). Air filters in the automobile painting line( workshop) are mainly used to remove dust and particles in the air and avoid the formation of coating particles in the spray-painting, grinding and baking process.

So far as we know, the cleanliness of the painting line is mainly guaranteed by an air conditioning system( the minimum cleanliness required by the coating line is a clean room with the cleanliness of 100000 levels).

An air conditioning system of an automobile painting workshop is mainly composed of air suction section, low-efficiency air filter section, surface cooling section, heating section, spray section, fan section, silencing section and medium/high-efficiency air filter section. (for some high requirement clean room, the high-efficiency filter section is needed ).

so how to choose the right air filters for each section?

1. low-efficiency air filter section, which is between the louver and surface cooling section. Nylon filter mesh and panel pre-filter mesh can be found in the air intake location. (The surface of the air filters can be washed and reused after being blocked ),G3~G4 pocket filters can be found before the fan section, the air filters are with average arrestance 60~80%, dust holding capacity 400g/m2 and lead time 400~500hours.

2. medium efficiency air filter section, which is after the fan silencing section.

Medium efficiency air filters remove dust particles ≥ 1.0um, which are to protect high-efficiency air filters and extend the service life of high-efficiency filters.F5~F6 Pocket air filters are generally selected with dust capacity 150g / m2. and operation cycle  1800-2000 hours.

3. high-efficiency air filter section, which after the fan silencing section and medium efficiency air filter section.
High-efficiency air filters are the final air filter of air conditioning air supply system. The function is to remove dust particles ≥ 0.3um. Generally,  F7~F8 bag filters with synthetic fiber would be great, The dust capacity is required to be 150g / m2, which is usually made by hot-melt suture process, and the operation cycle is 2500-2700 hours.

4. ceiling filter on the top of the spray chamber.
Ceiling filters are always installed on the top of the spray paint room, grinding room, drying room, and cleaning room, which are mainly used to balance the airflow and play the final stage filtering role. Generally, the F5 filter media is ok, with a dust capacity of 430g /m2 and lead time 3600-4000 hours.

5.air filters in drying ovens of the painting line.
F6 glass fiber filter box-type filters are set in front of the circulating fan inlet of the drying ovens, mainly be used to filter the mysterious hot air of the drying ovens. high-temperature resistance (maximum temperature resistance 300 ℃) and fire prevention are needed, with a dust capacity of 200g/m2 and a service cycle of 2800-3000 hours.

6.air Filters in the drying channel of the painting line.

Each dispersing port of circulating air in the drying channel is equipped with panel filter mesh(the media is fiberglass filter media with high-temperature resistance 300℃), with a dust capacity of 320g / m2 and service cycle of 3000-3200 hours. which is mainly used to filter the circulating hot air between the air duct port and the nozzle of the drying channel.

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Clean air filtration solution for food and beverage industry

Natural ingredients in the air, such as dust particles, bacteria or spores, are generally harmless to humans at low concentrations. But in the food and beverage industry, even the smallest air impurities may lead to the pollution of the whole food production chain, which results in the expiration of food quality, and even other more serious consequences.

Air quality is the primary condition of food safety. In order to reduce or even eliminate the possibility of pollution and protect the health of employees, it is necessary to strictly control and monitor the ambient air quality so that the ambient air can reach the specified quality, including temperature, humidity, particle concentration, and other indicators.

Generally speaking, the food and beverage industry uses the concept of zoning to protect the food in each production process from pollution. These zones allocate production facilities to different production rooms according to different health requirements (such as “basic” (low risk), “medium” (high concern) and “high” (high risk)).

Areas with a basic health level (low risk) require only areas with a low health level, such as zones where prepackaged goods are stored, normally, pocket filters (F5~F7 air filters are needed).

The goal of the area with a medium health level (high concern) is to control or reduce the formation of harmful substances in time before products enter the high-risk area, and protect food processing equipment from pollution. normally, air filters in F7 and F9 are needed).

High hygiene (high risk) areas are used to process and package products with the highest hygiene level and are designed to effectively control the pollution hazards of all products. (F7, F9, H10 – H13 air filters are your best choice.

The cleanliness level varies with different products. How to choose a reliable air filter MANUFACTURER and SUPPLIER? The air filter produced by us can reliably remove the particles and bacteria in the air, and guarantee the highest clean air quality in all processing stages. If you look for air filters for your food and beverage processing workshop, we are your best choice.