How to choose appropriate air filters?

There are many kinds of air filter products that can be chosen in the market these days, if you are not familiar with the performance of air filter, it will be a problem to find a supplier to provide air filters.
We could start with a specific classification of the air filter to find cost-effective products and services.

First of all, we can see the basic function of the primary air filter from its name.
It is very effective in the primary filtration.
The frame and style vary according to different use environment, some people also pay attention to the filter material of the air filters, some tend to use non-woven fabric or nylon mesh, others tend to use metal mesh and so on,
In general, a primary air filter is not expensive and the production procedure is not complicated, with compact appearance structure and large dust holding capacity specialty, primary air filter is popular in air conditioning system and as pre-filtration for HEPA filter. Quality will be guaranteed as long as quality manufacturers are selected.

Most medium-efficiency air filters use non-woven filter material,if the dust concentration is very high on some occasions, you can directly purchase a medium-efficiency filter, which has the strong air volume and large dust holding capacity make it suitable for a high dust environment. The medium-efficiency air filter is also a cheaper product on the market.

High-efficiency filter is more common in the biomedical or beverage and food industry
In many cases, a high-efficiency filter has to be used because of the need for production technology, such as the cleanroom. The price of these filters is slightly higher than that of ordinary filters, because of the high requirements for purification efficiency and accuracy.

Here I remind you that even if you choose the same type of air filter, the price quoted by different manufacturers is also different. After all, the manufacturer’s production process and product specifications have their own advantages. We must not just focus on low price products, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain after sales, as an experienced air filter manufacturer in China, we are your best choice.