How To Change HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system will have a ‘return air intake’ from where the air is sucked and cool air is given out instead. The filters are inserted through that area. Usually when your air filters tend to get clogged and dirty, the ‘return air intake’ gets tarry and black. It signifies that the air filter is dirty. Plus, if you notice dust and dirt in your house, that is also a sure sign that your HVAC air filters have become dirty.

To change the HVAC air filters, locate the ‘return air intake’ on your HVAC unit and remove it. There will be clips fastening the ‘return air intake’ which should be released. You will see the air filter directly in front. Make note of what the size of your filter is. The size will be written on the exterior of the HVAC filter. Go shopping and get a new filter. Remove the old filter from the return air intake and push your new filter in. The arrows of ‘air flow’ should be pointed down, in the opening.

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