How To Install an HVAC Filter

Air filters are one of the most important components of HVAC systems. Installing an HVAC air filter may seem easy but it has many people confused when they actually get to installing it. When installing HVAC air filter it is not just ‘take out the old one and put the new one inside in its place’. Inserting the air filter in a wrong way can reduce the efficiency of the filter as well as the HVAC system. It may cause problems which are similar to when you have dirty air filters. Wrongly inserting air filters are a hindrance to the efficiency of the machine.

It is also very important to keep your HVAC air filters clean and mold free. If your air filters are damp with condensation and you place them back into the HVAC system, it may develop mold. The mold may spread throughout your house and cause breathing problems and pose health risks. It is important for you to replace or wash your air filters every 3 months or so. Otherwise, they may put too much pressure on the HVAC system and cause it to fail. In addition, it increases electricity bills. Using clean air filters help your HVAC system run properly and reduce utility bills.

How To Install The HVAC Air Filter

When you get a new filter, look for an arrow on it. The arrow indicates which side the air flows from. The arrow must face away from the area where air is carried to for heating or cooling.

Make sure you get the right size. If you don’t know the size of your HVAC filters, they are easy to find.

Once you identify where the arrow is on your new air filter, slide the new air filter with the arrow side near the furnace of the HVAC system. Youll have installed your HVAC filter this quickly and easily! Often times, it is the arrow which gets people confused. You can mark an arrow on your HVAC system where the air filters are inserted.

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