The use and characteristics of ceiling filters

Ceiling filters are also called roof filters, spray booth ceiling filters and so on.

They are mainly used in the automobile paint room, automobile paint room, furniture paint room, and furniture paint room and very common in automobile factories, bicycle factories, household appliances, automobile repair factories, motorcycle factories, electronic painting operation systems, and other fields.

What are the characteristics of the ceiling filters?

1. Ceiling filters are made by high-performance hot melt non-woven fabrics made of anti-fracture organic synthetic fibers.
2. With vicious treatment, the filter materials dip sufficiently to make sure the best spraying effect. The adhesive can permeate the filters completely, which makes it impossible for the tiny dust particles to pass through, and can make the airflow uniformly diffuse and form a laminar flow state at the same time.
3. With the incremental structure, ceiling filters can block different sizes of dust.
4. The outlet surface of ceiling filters are particularly dense, a layer of net or cloth is added to strengthen the finalization. This structure keeps the filter material with high filtration efficiency and dust capacity and also prolongs the service life of the filter material.

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