How to reduce 2019-nCoV in office environment?

2019-nCoV became popular around the world these days.

Per the results of the study, one form of transmission of the virus is the aerosol transmission, which will adsorb on solid or liquid particles.

It is reported that the size of coronavirus is about 0.125um, normally, HEPA filters can filter 0.3um particles. Although it can not directly filter out the virus itself, it can effectively reduce the virus content in the room by multi-layer barrier physical filter and the characteristics of the virus itself attached to other particles, increasing the filter level of the air conditioning system.

Strictly speaking, the air conditioning and ventilation system will not produce virus or eliminate virus, but through ventilation dilution and other ways, it can reduce the content of virus in the air and reduce the spread of infection.

According to a survey report from WHO we can see that well-ventilated areas can effectively reduce the risk of virus transmission and infection in the air.

In the working environment, we can improve the ventilation rate by combining natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. While ensuring the comfort as much as possible, we should improve the mechanical ventilation efficiency in the building, so as to improve the health status, reduce or close the return air of the air conditioning system. In the absence of better equipment to eliminate the virus, we should reduce or close the return air part of the central air conditioning as much as possible Avoid the possibility of cross-infection. Increase the fresh air volume of the air conditioning system from the outdoor to increase the indoor fresh air, and operate in the fresh air state (for the fresh air unit or air conditioning unit, adjust the fresh air valve) For conditional office buildings, the pendent mechanical exhaust system can be added.

During the transmission of 2019-nCoV, most of the equipment or components in the central air conditioning system that is still in operation, such as air filters, need to be cleaned, sterilized or replaced every week.


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