Does hepa filter really help with Covid?

Since the epidemic,we have read too many articles about this question.So do hepa filters really help with Covid?
As an air filter supplier,we can tell you the thuth:Although hepa filter can capture and remove most particles the size of Coivd virus,but the problem is,how you can make the air in your house all pass through it fast?
If you can’t make your house air circulate through your hepa filter such as what used in your air purifier within a short time period,the virus particles will reach to your family before they are captured.Then the hepa filter will have no use.
Most articles ignore this problem when they disscuss how efficient hepa filter works for Covid.CLEAN think it’s not enough only put an air purifier in your room or work office. You must have an efficient enough air circulation system with high power fans in addition.
Some may ask what if put quantities of air purifier at all corners?It’s not a good idea unless you have plenty of time and budget.
The second problem is the replacement of hepa filters.
When the hepa filter is full of virus inside,you can’t touch it without any PPE.This is another overlooked issue.
As for the hospitals and big companies,they can hire proffesionals to install high efficient air loop system with hepa filters,and regular replacement service.So the problems can be solved.CLEAN suggest you do the same thing.Ask proffesional air filter companies to help retrofit your HVAC,rather than simply buy an air purifier.

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