Surface and dept​h air filtration-which one is better?
In air filtration industry,there are mainly two kinds of filtration technology-the surface filtration and depth filtration.You may be confused when choosing them and don’t know which is better.Here Hubei Clean will help you to get a better understanding between these two technology.

Surface filtration pros and depth filtration cons:

Whether a filter is surface or depth filtration kind is in fact determined by its filtration media.Surface filtration technology was indeed invented later than depth one,and is more suitable for accurate size filtration.One the other hand,depth filtration can only filter particles in a size range.So if your environment requirement is really so strict that for example,you need any particle larger than 0.1 micro must be filtered,you can only choose the surface filtration filter.A depth filter,no matter how good it is,will can’t filter all particles larger than 0.1 micro.This is the surface filtration advantage.

Another advantage of surface filtration is you can blow the particles off when the filter is dirty.Cus most particles are on the surface layer,it will be possible to blow them off the filter,and then you can use it again.

Surface filtration cons and depth filtration pros.

One the other hand,depth filtration works longer than surface filtration,except for some filters like din cartridge which is using surface filtration technology can blow the dusts on its surface and work again.Surface filtration means the particles whose size larger than what it needs to filter,will accumulate on the filter surface.And most of its filter media only play the roll of support the surface filtration layer.This leads to surface filter has a much smaller space to hold particles and it will be blocked much sooner than the depth one.So if your environment is not that ctitical and want to save money,please choose the depth one.

But because particles are absorbed everywhere in depth material,it’s almost impossible to clean it.You can blow one or two times of it,cleaning the surface,but in the deep you will find helpless.

You may find the pros of surface filtration is happen to be the cons of depth filtration,the opposite is also.That’s right,and no product is perfect.Surface filtration was invented to solve cons of depth filtration,but itself have cons either.

Constructures of surface and depth filtration:

The depth filter material is often one layer,in which gaps between fibers are uneven.When particles goes through,they’ll be blocked and absorbed in these gaps.As we said,the gaps in depth filter material are uneven,some gaps are bigger so some particles which need to be filtered can always go out from the other side.But due to gaps are everywhere in the media,depth filter can hold more particles.

The surface filter material is multi-layer,and regular 2 layers.The surface layer which play the role of filtration,and the second layer to mainly support the surface layer.The surface layer can be ptfe,nanofibers etc,and the fibers of it is neat and gaps even.Need filtered particles will be blocked by this layer.You can blow the particles and reuse the filter again.

Some air filter cartridge and dust collector bags are applied with depth filtration.