Paint booth filters are very important for a painting job, choosing the right paint booth filters will influence the quality of the products, at the same time, you will spend a lot of time on maintenance if you do not pay attention to your paint booth filters.

Before selecting paint booth filters, the first thing is to understand your paint booths well, There are two types of airflow systems used in current paint booths: the air goes horizontally across from one side to the other side and the air enter from the ceiling to the bottom, the different type will have different choices.

To keep your booth clean and run smoothly, there are several suggestions for your reference when you are choosing paint booth filters.

1. Prefilters including panel filters,pre-filter bags, blue and white filter media, which are to protect and extend the service life of intake filters.the last two pre-filters are used in downdraft type booths.

2. Intake filters including panel filters and ceiling filters, which are to keep paint booths with clean filtered air.
panel filters are common for cross draft type and ceiling filter is more popular for downdraft type.

3. Exhaust filters are to keep chemicals or mists from the environments and protect fans, plenum and so on.
The type of exhaust filters is the same for the cross-draft and downdraft types with different locations.

Fiberglass filters are the most popular exhaust filters for paint booths, but the density(weight), the raw material quality will determine how fiberglass filters perform, a professional and experienced supplier will be very helpful in this case.

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