Air filter rolls and pads

We supply air filter rolls and pads.
They are air filter media and material attached on the air filter frames,or you can use them directly such as paint arrestor.
You can buy our air filter media rolls and cut it to pads yourself,or just ask us to cut for you.
The media of our air filter rolls/pads include fiberglass,polyster and synthetic fiber.They have different applications.Let me introduce them briefly.
The fiberglass filter rolls are often used in paint booth,so they are also called fiberglass filter rolls spray booth.They are also high temperature filter rolls.
The polester filter rolls and synthetic filter rolls are designed for ventilation systems.They have wider use in air filtration area.
As an air filter rolls supplier,we manufacture filter rolls in any Class and MERV to meet your requirements,whether the size,media,thickness,filtration efficiency.So don’t hesitate to contact us now!

air filter media roll

air filter pad