Compact filter

Compact filter refers to air filter with a V-shaped or box type appearance and structure.So there are two types of it:v-bank/v-shape compact filter and box type compact filter.

What is compact filter?A compact filter refers to air filter has a compact structure.The filter element in it is pleated and folded much more compactly than other types.Hence it would has a larger capacity,higher filtration efficiency and plays the roll of middle or final filter.Compact filter is usually more expensive and considering that,there often is a rigid frame containing to protect it.That’s the reason a compact filter is always a rigid filter,like rigid cell filter and rigid box filter.
What’s the type of compact filters?There are usually 2 tyoes of it:v-shaped filter and box-type filter.V-shaped filter is also called v-type filter,v-cell filter,w-type filter.It has a frame looks like “v” or “w”.The box-type filter,on the other hand,looks like a deep box.It is a kind of deep pleated filter.You can imagine a regular panel filter with deeper depth.That’s it.
Since we have already has an initial impression of the apperance of it,let’s talk about the use and efficiency of compact filter.Cus compact filter,no matter v type and box type,has a complex structure and expensive,it is often manufactured for applications require high air qulity needs.The filter media in compact filter can be medium,fine filter.Coarse filter is not under consideration.The filtration class of compact filters range from F7 to H10.The material can be PP paper,PET paper or fiberglass.They are often used as a second or final stage of the ventilation equipment and filtration system.

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