Pre filter bags

Pre filters bags are one kind of primary filters with the effeciency from G2 to G4.

Pre filter bags are placed outside the booth towards the right or left side, they can be used to filter the incoming air as well as to filter outgoing air in spray booths and some times they can be used as intake filters.

The media material we used are high quality superfine synthetic fibers which can make sure the efficiency,pocket types design are to make sure low press drop,high dust holding capacity and huge effective filtration area which extend the life of ceiling filters,meanwhile,pre filter bags can capture overspray that was not retained by the exhaust filtration media helping to maintain clean environment.

Our pre filter bags are are suitable for all makes and models of spray booths.we can design and manufacture different pre filter bags as request,we are sure our customers will benefit from our high quality and competitive prices.

Parameters of pre filter bags
Filter material:superfine synthetic fibers
Frame material:aluminum alloy,galvanized
Filter classes: G1,G2,G3,G4
Filter color: white
Standard sizes: 592x592x600mm

Main fields of use:

» paint industry
» automotive industry
» mechanical engineering
» wood and furniture industry
» plastics industry
» extraction in paint industry

Special sizes available


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