Fiberglass exhaust filters

Fiberglass exhaust filter,also refer to paint booth floor filter, paint stop filter, paint arrestor or paint mist collector,is to be placed inside the booth, on the floor and left, right and back side of the booth,designed to collect the overspray of paint and mist in the air ejected during different surface treatment applications.

Fiberglass exhaust filter, is made of long glass fibers which density progressively increased in the direction of the air flow and has open weave pattern,thanks to the open weave glass fiber structure, the paint particles can be absorbed deeply into the outlet side surface. The filter material separates paint particles from the air in order to protect air ducts, ventilators and engines, as well as the environment from paint deposits.

For  fiberglass filters production line, our machines run the clock and 32 people work 8 hours of three shifts system,our production capacity is 8000m2  per day.

In the last 12 years we have developed filters in different weights, thicknesses, densities, sizes and constructions to suit different working environment.

The most popular green fiberglass paint arrestor is with 50mm thickness and 200 grams of density per square meter.

At the year of 2017, we enlarged our warehouse and we would like to increase new production line to enlarge our production capability to satisfy more and more customers.   These make us become the most competitive manufacturer and supplier for glass fiber filters.

There are several methods to capture overspray and fiberglass exhaust filter is an economic material,no matter customized mats or standard rolls, if you are looking for a reliable paint stop filter supplier in China, we are your best choice.

Parameters of fiberglass exhaust filters:

Filter material:  glass fibre
Filter classes: G2, G3, G4
Filter thickness:50mm,60mm,70mm,100mm
Filter color:green and white,yellow and white,purple and white,orange and white
Efficiency: 65 – 98 %
Standard sizes: 1x20m,2x20m

Main fields of use:

» paint industry
» surface treatment
» automotive industry
» mechanical engineering
» wood and furniture industry
» plastics industry
» extraction in paint industry

Filter mats are available in rolls as well as in customised sizes, as required.


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